Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay

Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay

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Ashish Joseph (Founder and Managing Director)

Ashish Joseph is the creative mind behind Ufirst Neutrabiotic Pvt.Ltd. He shaped up the path of Ufirst Neutrabiotic Pvt.Ltd., led it to what it is today and continues to overview the operations in Ufirst Neutrabiotic Pvt.Ltd. He envisioned the future of products that will be easy for consumption particularly for elder, kids and people with swallow difficulty.
Through these products, he desire to meet up the essential nutrients and therapeutic requirements of the masses. With extensive experience of more than 19 years in the field of production, development and commercialization of product, he has many innovative products in pipeline which will serve the needs of society.

Nazia Joseph (Founder & Director)

Nazia Joseph is one of the founders of Ufirst Neutrabiotic Pvt.Ltd., who along with Ashish Joseph envisioned the establishment and path of Ufirst Neutrabiotic Pvt.Ltd. She is a professional with wide experience of 16 years in Validation Qualification, Quality control and Quality Assurance in the field of pharmaceutical. Through her vast experience and knowledge she continues to guide all the processes that run in the company.
Being an industrial expert with the skill to handle various levels of management, Nazia Joseph brings diverse industrial experience in the company. She is the driving force behind the harmonious operations of Ufirst Neutrabiotic Pvt.Ltd. and is one of the authorities that ensure quality performance in the organization.

Devendra Hattekar (Chief Finance Officer)

Devendra looks after all financial tasks which include the company investments, banking, track of cash flow and advices on various legalities in finances. His 11 years of experience, professional with strong calculative projection skills help company to make financial decisions and plan for future prospects accordingly.

Shruti Joseph (Manager- Administration)

With years of experience in healthcare industry in administration, Shruti handles the administration department efficiently. From documentation such as important product details, licenses, policy drafting and communications between different organization and within organization is done effectively by her. She supervises all support operations in the company which helps in smooth function of the support operations in the company.