Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay

Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay

Mouth fresheners

Dr. Oral

Unpleasant breath is an unimpressive aspect of any individual’s personality. To fight this problem, we present you a wondrous mouth freshener Dr.Oral which will help you beat the problem of bad breath and keep your mouth fresh. No need to chew or swallow. Just dissolves on your tongue in seconds, leaving freshness in your mouth. A strip or two as per requirement will not only give you fresh breath but also the confidence to strike a conversation with your colleagues or loved ones.

Vitamins/ Supplements


What goes in the belly; reflects out!
Good immunity, healthy skin and healthy hair are all due to virtue of consumption of Vitamin C. Lamintoo is just the product which will provide you exact dose of vitamin C required for better immunity and also gives better skin and hair.
Lamintoo is Vitamin C with amazing taste that will tickle your taste buds leaving its sweet sour taste on your tongue and you in its awe that will compel you to buy more. It requires no chewing as the strip dissolves on tongue. One strip or as per physician will fulfill your demand of Vitamin C.

Junior Bones

No hassle to eat! No tantrums of kids! Junior Bones are here to make your children fit. A promise of Nourishment to the bones combined with delightful chocolates undertone, Junior Bones is all you need to make your children strong. Keep a strip on a tongue or as per advice of the physician, it will disappear before you know; just like a trick of a magician. Junior Bones have safe content, all made with good intent.

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones, a friend to your bones, a supplement of vitamin D3 which will give your bones nourishment and keep them stronger to do daily activities with comfort.
Available in orange flavour Mr. Bones will not only meet your need of Vitamin D3 but it will give you an experience of delight of juiciness of orange.
A strip a day or as advice by the physician, will help to rejuvenate your Vitamin D3 and gives healthy and strong bones.


A day without night’s sleep is like harvest without a rain.
One effective solution is “PowerNap”. But why should take the PowerNap?
Because it is Non addictive, easy to consume with just one strip on your tongue; it dissolves in seconds, effective and safe due to its lower dosage of 5 mg melatonin. A good sleep after consuming PowerNap will make your mind and body relax. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pack now, for yourself and anyone who needs a sound sleep.
Take a strip 20 min before your bed time and experience calming effect!


Umask is a disposable 3 ply masks that will provide you and your family basic protection from various infectious diseases and pandemic like Covid 19. Its 3 layer with melt blown filter helps to trap germs and blocks them from entering in the mouth. It is ultrasonically welded, non- woven mask with 2pp spun bound filter with nose strip that will help the mask to stay on face properly.